08 awesome facts about the Dead Sea


Have you had a lovely childhood? If yes, there might have been few things that keep you amazed for a long time. You might have heard about an ocean where people read books while swimming, yes it’s is about the Dead Sea. Hera are 10 facts about the Dead Sea you haven’t heard of.


It is one of the highest salinized places in the world. It is said that it is 34% saline with its content. Though there are some assumptions, this is the only place that people have discovered as the mostly salinized place on earth.  The Dead Sea is a salty sea for sure with these details.


Have you started itching after visiting sea or having a swim in the ocean? It’s because of its saltiness. Dead Sea is 8 times saltier than the sea where you have a bath. So, you might have an idea that how much it would be itchy to have a bath there.


This is one of the facts that you have been kept surprised for a long time. As it was said on books, people keep floating without any extra effort. If you can stay on the sea water without sinking, Dead Sea will be a much better place to stay un-floated.  So, there might not have been any death due to drowning I guess.

Free from Flora and Fauna

Oh god! There is a shark in the waters! That can be the last word you can hear before a shark attack. Do you know? There is not any single aquatic creature in the Dead Sea. So you can keep swimming for hours. This might be a dream for you either as it is a pleasure to have a free swim in the ocean where you can have a freely. The high salinity level has caused this fact. But, there are plenty of bacteria and algae in this sea.

Lower elevation

Dead Sea is situated on a place where there is a lower elevation than other water bodies in the world. That is also a fact that can keep you amazed. If you wonder how much it is, that’s just 423m from MSL.

Deepest Ocean

No, it’s not. There are plenty of deeper places on Earth. But, you should know that there is nowhere like this Dead Sea. The DeadSea is one of the deepest hypersaline LAKE in the world. Its saltiness has given this credit to this DeadSea.


Asphalt can be seen as a result of a long process. This is one of the strangest places where Asphalt can be seen. The black substance can be seen in some parts of the Dead sea. If you are a fan of this black thing, you will find many.

Archaeological Importance

The DeadSea has got roots from the past. Some skulls have been found from an ancient era on Earth. Do you know that Asphalt has been imported by Egyptians for their work with pyramid construction? Yes, it is. This is a place worth for archaeologists.


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