Best 08 Event Apps for your Smartphone


If you have played games, managed apps on your phone, added more apps to your phone, or shared plenty of experience with your friend, you might think that everything is already done with the apps. But, it’s not. There are lots of things you can add to your phone. Adding a new event app is such a thing you can do. If you are wondering if it is enough to have the calendar app for your mobile, that will not be enough as there are many apps that can provide you so many features than the regular apps.

All Events in City – Discover Events On The GO

This is such a cool app that can manage all the events. The specialty of this app is the ability to let you know the local events held in your area and you can join them too. This app has the involvement over 30,000 cities all over the world. If you are interested about an event, you will be able to book a ticket using this app. If you get to use this app, you will never have boring weekends. There is nothing you have to bother about keep logging as this app always provides you its updates over emails. You can get free tickets to the events over the email and that’s a cool thing to do with the All Events in City – Discover Events On The GO App. The categorized menu will let you have a quick look around at the thousands of events. They are categorized as parties, music concerts, workshops, business, dance, and many more. So, you will not have to keep looking at the menu for so long. During the process, you will get notification regarding the events in your area as well as trending events in the country as well. This 4.3 star rated app will give you anything regards the events.

Appointments Planner – Appoint Book

This is also a new app to the play store. Though there are plenty of things you have to give as the feedback to the developers, you will find this app a great one to use. Appointments can be added to a book with few steps and you can have a look at them in few seconds. Also, you will be reminded them if you set the reminder. If you wish to send a reminder, this app will send automatic SMS alerts to your clients. You will never need a notebook with this app. But, this is a paid app. You can have the trial version as well.

Invitation Card Maker Free by Greetings Island

This app is also another thing needed in the event. You can create different types of cards for any kind of event using this app. Even if you are a novice to the designing, you will be guided to create cards with the features like Wedding invitations & cards, Birthday greeting cards & invitations, Christmas card maker, Party invitation maker, Baby shower invitation, Baptism invitations, Graduation invitation & cards. The user friendly interface will always assist you to go with the design. Even if you are a professional level graphic designer, you will be able to add plenty of effects to the card using the tools. This free app has earned 4.7 rating already. You can download and create cards using this app for free.

Holiday Calendar

This is also one of the latest apps introduced for 2020. It’s just a simple app that you can have a look at the days of the month and the week. You can simply see the holidays and make your adjustments with the app. If you are almost tired of the content of advanced apps and looking for a simple interface just like the formal app on the android device, this will be a better choice for that. It has used simple colors for the entire app and that is pretty enough to add a high rating for the app. The sticky note is such a cool thing to do with this app too. You can add some notes to either on holidays or weekdays as reminders. 4.4 star rating is really a good value for this app and it’s earned that value for sure.

Event Planner – Guests, To-do, Budget Management

This app is also one of the latest arrival to the playstore. Though it has been downloaded by less than 250 users, this app has got some of the greatest options that an event app has. You can add to-do tasks in an effective way. There are so many options that you can add and you have the ability to share it with someone as well. Also, you can have a summary of the completed tasks as well you will be able to see them in numbers as well. The most impressive thing regarding this app is the ability to have a pdf of all the to-do tasks.  Event Planner – Guests, To-do, Budget Management app has got 4.5 star review with all positive reviews and it is highly recommended for a person who needs a to-do list.


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