Kaspersky 2020


Every PC user must have an anti-virus or an internet guard whatever the reason he is using that computer for. Safety for your computer has been needed at present than ever. Though there are lots of virus guards in the market, only few brands are called the best. Kaspersky has been a name for the computer users to keep their computer away from the viruses. Kaspersky has been assisting their customers not only through the desktop versions but with their android and the tablet versions as well. It is really necessary to keep the guard updated with the minor updates and the upgrades that the Kaspersky Company issues yearly. They had their latest version launched in 2019 and here are some significant factors about their virus guard.

Kaspersky has always been coming with a very friendly interface that is very easy to understand. They gather very few options to go through in their panel. There are some options like parental lock, database update, scan, and password like options in the panel which is very easy to manage. Next, there is the most impressive option, Scan. You can scan each and every thing in your computer and you mal scan a selected partition or a folder also. There is an option called protected view. You are informed by the browser if there is anything going on to charge any sum from you. You have the authority to selectively provide the web sites as well. This will be a quite good option if you are wasting your money along the web surfing. Kaspersky Parental Control lets you to monitor and control the websites that your kids can browse and it wil be a big relief to you if there is not anything safe from the governmental regulations. The CPU and the Memory Use option lets you to see if there is any application that consumes your memory too much and that option is in a higher standard than a third party app.


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