KM Player for any Video


There were not lots of entertaining sources in the past and there were not any special sources to feel theme either. Then there were so many ways to get the entertainment and people needed something better than MP3s or Audio files. Then came some special Medias. Home movies, blu-rays, music videos, and videos came in different versions as well. So, there were not lots of ways to watch those videos and there were not so many software developers to develop such software either. Even at present, there are only very apps that can be used to watch videos. KM player has always been the leader in computers in watching videos.

There are some coolest things in this app and you will be really happy to see the list of advantages. KM player has a large variety of codecs and there is a big list of supported file formats for this app. whatever the file you want to watch, it is possible with this player. Even if it is a photo, KM player has facilitated to watch that photo through this app.  If you are watching movies, this will be the perfect app you are looking for. Even though you are watching a movie in a foreign country, you are let to add the subtitle and you don’t have to worry if this player supports not only the subtitle’s language, but also subtitle’s file format. You have got a good customization range for the subtitle as well. You may decide if you want to appear the subtitle on the bottom or the top as well.

KM player provides you a large range of options. You can manage the settings from playing to the color of the KM player’s font. There are lots of preferences to be applied to the player. There are applications to 3D movies as well. I f you are looking for this app in the app store, or the play store for your mobile. You will find it in the highest rated category.


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