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Scientific Astonishing Advancements in 2020


Technology is everything. It needs every action you make, every need you have,  every decision you make.  It can make the world a better place. Most of the world’s top technology companies are competing with each other to bring better versions of existing products as well. Here are some of the best technological advancements of 2020 for a smart life.

BrainCo prosthetic hand

Extending the concept of artificial hand that can perform basic actions, BrainCo has introduced its latest invention for those who need a hand. All the functioning is expected to be conducted with the amputee’s brain waves. AI in this device can work under your command. Most importantly, the motion of your AI hand can be customized. So, that will help you to adjust the body balance, speed, tolerance like functions as well.

Pampers Lumi

If you are a parent, this will be it. Pampers Lumi is equipped with the latest technology to take care of your baby. It is one of the latest baby monitoring systems that come with a camera and a sensor. It can be attached to your baby’s diaper so you can see how your baby is sleeping and it comes with an app for a better experience.


How often do you brush? That’s a thing that cannot be reduced. How long do you brush? Well, that’s a thing that the latest technology has been able to reduce. However, it’s not a brush as it sounds. This device will help you to reduce the brushing time from 2 minutes to just 10 seconds. Although you need an early motivation from your toothbrush, this device will let you have the same. Shipping will start in March.

LG ThinQ Washer with AI

LG is a world-famous brand for introducing AI to their products. Their latest product, LG ThinQ Washer with AI is boosted with Ai technology which leaves you to have a better experience. It is said that their latest product is capable of detecting different types of fabrics in your load of clothes. Then the washer will find the optimum cycles for your clothes. Finally, it will dry your clothes in the best way. All these functioning will be conducted by AI.

Latest Applications of AI for the Education

Applications of AI for the Education

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered as a thing to come. Though it has been a concept for many decades, people have started using AIs for their work. The best example can be pointed as the personal Assistant on your phone.  With the aid of several logical efforts, an AI can perform a huge impact on any field. Education field is going to be powered with the AI concept and some countries in the world have already started working on them as well. Here are 05 common applications of artificial intelligence on the education stream.

Simplifying the tasks

An AI is not a program that can only perform assisting for the personnel. It can be used in the management sector too. As you already know it is needed an extra effort to manage the teachers and their knowledge to provide the education for students. So, this huge step can be handled by an Ai to manage the teachers. Several algorithms and programs can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the process and select the optimum way to use teachers. For an example, a professor can spend few more minutes with the students than grading them according to the interest and the knowledge levels.

Intelligent Content

An AI is always intelligent enough to provide the best to the students. It can be equipped with millions of pictures, videos, and voice lessons. The more the AI gets complicated, the more it will be able to provide the best for the students. These programs have been designed to identify the needs of the students and provide the best for them.  Text books can be turned into digital forms, cameras can be used to monitor the students to know their interests, and such things can be done.


Though the typical classroom was a place where lots of students turned into mute ones, Ai programs can answer to the questions of the students without any hesitation. Even though a student couldn’t make a question to clarify something, those programs can be filled with several algorithms that can identify the needs of the students.

Global Education

Few years back, there was a time when students had different education levels. Some students learnt things that they should have learnt few years ago. Those bitter truths have been passed thanks to the latest technology. That same technology can be used to treat the students in a better ways. Just like there are some institutes in the world which deliver degrees to overseas students, AI can be used to have a better performance as well.

Smart teaching

Smart word is an essential word for the next generation as it can mean a lot. The AI concept can be used to educate the children in a more advanced way. As an example, some memories can be craved onto a student’s mind without memorizing. Though that’s just a beginning and a concept, that thing can be taken into the real world as well. Also, some algorithms can be written to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of students as well. All these things can make a smart education in the entire education system as well.

08 awesome facts about the Dead Sea


Have you had a lovely childhood? If yes, there might have been few things that keep you amazed for a long time. You might have heard about an ocean where people read books while swimming, yes it’s is about the Dead Sea. Hera are 10 facts about the Dead Sea you haven’t heard of.


It is one of the highest salinized places in the world. It is said that it is 34% saline with its content. Though there are some assumptions, this is the only place that people have discovered as the mostly salinized place on earth.  The Dead Sea is a salty sea for sure with these details.


Have you started itching after visiting sea or having a swim in the ocean? It’s because of its saltiness. Dead Sea is 8 times saltier than the sea where you have a bath. So, you might have an idea that how much it would be itchy to have a bath there.


This is one of the facts that you have been kept surprised for a long time. As it was said on books, people keep floating without any extra effort. If you can stay on the sea water without sinking, Dead Sea will be a much better place to stay un-floated.  So, there might not have been any death due to drowning I guess.

Free from Flora and Fauna

Oh god! There is a shark in the waters! That can be the last word you can hear before a shark attack. Do you know? There is not any single aquatic creature in the Dead Sea. So you can keep swimming for hours. This might be a dream for you either as it is a pleasure to have a free swim in the ocean where you can have a freely. The high salinity level has caused this fact. But, there are plenty of bacteria and algae in this sea.

Lower elevation

Dead Sea is situated on a place where there is a lower elevation than other water bodies in the world. That is also a fact that can keep you amazed. If you wonder how much it is, that’s just 423m from MSL.

Deepest Ocean

No, it’s not. There are plenty of deeper places on Earth. But, you should know that there is nowhere like this Dead Sea. The DeadSea is one of the deepest hypersaline LAKE in the world. Its saltiness has given this credit to this DeadSea.


Asphalt can be seen as a result of a long process. This is one of the strangest places where Asphalt can be seen. The black substance can be seen in some parts of the Dead sea. If you are a fan of this black thing, you will find many.

Archaeological Importance

The DeadSea has got roots from the past. Some skulls have been found from an ancient era on Earth. Do you know that Asphalt has been imported by Egyptians for their work with pyramid construction? Yes, it is. This is a place worth for archaeologists.

Best 08 Event Apps for your Smartphone


If you have played games, managed apps on your phone, added more apps to your phone, or shared plenty of experience with your friend, you might think that everything is already done with the apps. But, it’s not. There are lots of things you can add to your phone. Adding a new event app is such a thing you can do. If you are wondering if it is enough to have the calendar app for your mobile, that will not be enough as there are many apps that can provide you so many features than the regular apps.

All Events in City – Discover Events On The GO

This is such a cool app that can manage all the events. The specialty of this app is the ability to let you know the local events held in your area and you can join them too. This app has the involvement over 30,000 cities all over the world. If you are interested about an event, you will be able to book a ticket using this app. If you get to use this app, you will never have boring weekends. There is nothing you have to bother about keep logging as this app always provides you its updates over emails. You can get free tickets to the events over the email and that’s a cool thing to do with the All Events in City – Discover Events On The GO App. The categorized menu will let you have a quick look around at the thousands of events. They are categorized as parties, music concerts, workshops, business, dance, and many more. So, you will not have to keep looking at the menu for so long. During the process, you will get notification regarding the events in your area as well as trending events in the country as well. This 4.3 star rated app will give you anything regards the events.

Appointments Planner – Appoint Book

This is also a new app to the play store. Though there are plenty of things you have to give as the feedback to the developers, you will find this app a great one to use. Appointments can be added to a book with few steps and you can have a look at them in few seconds. Also, you will be reminded them if you set the reminder. If you wish to send a reminder, this app will send automatic SMS alerts to your clients. You will never need a notebook with this app. But, this is a paid app. You can have the trial version as well.

Invitation Card Maker Free by Greetings Island

This app is also another thing needed in the event. You can create different types of cards for any kind of event using this app. Even if you are a novice to the designing, you will be guided to create cards with the features like Wedding invitations & cards, Birthday greeting cards & invitations, Christmas card maker, Party invitation maker, Baby shower invitation, Baptism invitations, Graduation invitation & cards. The user friendly interface will always assist you to go with the design. Even if you are a professional level graphic designer, you will be able to add plenty of effects to the card using the tools. This free app has earned 4.7 rating already. You can download and create cards using this app for free.

Holiday Calendar

This is also one of the latest apps introduced for 2020. It’s just a simple app that you can have a look at the days of the month and the week. You can simply see the holidays and make your adjustments with the app. If you are almost tired of the content of advanced apps and looking for a simple interface just like the formal app on the android device, this will be a better choice for that. It has used simple colors for the entire app and that is pretty enough to add a high rating for the app. The sticky note is such a cool thing to do with this app too. You can add some notes to either on holidays or weekdays as reminders. 4.4 star rating is really a good value for this app and it’s earned that value for sure.

Event Planner – Guests, To-do, Budget Management

This app is also one of the latest arrival to the playstore. Though it has been downloaded by less than 250 users, this app has got some of the greatest options that an event app has. You can add to-do tasks in an effective way. There are so many options that you can add and you have the ability to share it with someone as well. Also, you can have a summary of the completed tasks as well you will be able to see them in numbers as well. The most impressive thing regarding this app is the ability to have a pdf of all the to-do tasks.  Event Planner – Guests, To-do, Budget Management app has got 4.5 star review with all positive reviews and it is highly recommended for a person who needs a to-do list.

Samsung Galaxy Watch


If you are interested in wearing a smart watch, you will get more advantages than seeing the time. Samsung Galaxy Watch is a timely product launched under the brand name of Samsung. It is powered by Ti OS which is considered as one of the best Oss for smart watches ever created.  You have the ability to link this smart watch with your other smart devices. Then you will be able to share your details in a proper way. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is compatible with Android OS and iOS. So, you can connect this watch with any of your smart devices.

 The phone has a display of 1.2″ or 1.3″ 360 x 360 and it will be enough to mention you the specific data to you. The display is an AMOLED one and it I a handy one to come for smart watches as well. The display of the watch is really impressive with colors and you will see a similarity with the Samsung Galaxy phone. This watch contains a Dual-core 1.15GHz processor which can manage all the functioning. It is one of the best processors that have been used for a smart watch. If you are bothering about your smart watch’s memory, this watch will have all the accomplishment as it has an internal storage of 4GB. It can save all your data as well as media. The wireless charging will really make you feel that this is a smart watch. You don’t have to spend too much time on charging as the battery can last  for 04 days. You can connect with other devices with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has got all the things that you expect from a smart watch. The OS is really cool to handle and updates will keep you informed about the latest features.

Samsung Smart Home


Samsung Company is the pioneer of many smart devices. Specially, it has been a revolution since the day started producing smart phones. That path lead across a significance in smartphones. It is not a secret that they are now producing many smart devices for your house. Though they can be bought for a lower price than the Samsung Phones, you can have a great experience at your home with these technical advancements. If you want to switch on your lights at home, you will just have to go to the app and make the adjustments. If you need to dim the lights you had turned on, it will be a process of just few seconds. You don’t have to be at your home to power these steps. Not only these things, can you even turn off the fan at your home after your family went to bed. It’s not as hard as it means. There are lots of devices and applications to be used under smarter home concept. We will receive many advancements in near future as well. But, it should be remembered that the distant future is at your door step. Because, the revolution has already been started by the Samsung. Here are some of their latest inventions that can be purchased online.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

This device could have been useful since the man moved in to the house from the caves. Because, it had been a problem since then. If you can’t remember if the doors and windows are closed before you go somewhere, this device will be a blessing for you. Because, SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor is an essential device for a modern home. You will not have enough time to check whether the windows and doors are properly closed. That was just a part from the story. This SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor can be used to alert you for even intruders. If there is an unauthorized stranger at your home, you will be notified within a second he is on your home floor.  You can set lights turn on to alert you when there is an open entry to your home. You can identify the spot from the beeping light or the notification you receive. This device can also be used for your cabinets. What you need to do is to set the both parts of the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on both side of the cabinet. SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor is working as an automated device which allows you to set the adjustments like temperature. If you intend to purchase this smart device for your home, you will be happy to know it just costs $20.

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

This device has been introduced to increase the security status at your home. SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is not for theft alerts but for moisture or water leakage alerts at your home. That is a thing you need to remember before the purchasing step. SmartThings Water Leak Sensor can identify and sudden change of the moisture atmosphere and provide you a detailed description regarding the situation.  Even if there are just few water drops on the floor of your home, sensor will automatically detect the situation and inform you as soon as possible. Since SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is automated with the devices at your home, you will be able to set the reminders to turn off those devices quickly. Just imagine, if there is a water leakage at your bathroom, you will have to turn off the all electric devices at your home. There are electric devices and machines like washing machine, dryers, heaters, and many more. This device will assist you to save them before you know there is a leakage at your bathroom. You can get to control the device using any smart display you have. Even though you have a smartphone, smart TV or a display on a smart refrigerator, you will be able to get in to the handling of the device over the app. There is one thing you should remember purchasing this smart device. You need to have a SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings to use this smart device properly.

SmartThings Motion Sensor

This is such a device that has won the trust of the architectures and domestic developers. If you expect to add something extra to your modern home, this will be such a step you need to step on. If there is someone at your home, you will be able to identify the situation from one thousand miles away with this device.  You can get informed about the moments at your home. Lots of movements can occur at your home, as it is a place where lots of people make visits. So, you can turn off the sensor to avoid false alarms and turn on the sensor whenever you need to raise the security.  SmartThings Motion Sensor is a trust worthy partner that can be kept for the safety at your home. Among thousands of people who visit your home, you will be able to track down the unauthorized person who pays visit unofficially. Since, SmartThings Motion Sensor is working worth all other devices on automated state, you can have hundreds of options to work with the device. Turning off devices when there is an alert from SmartThings Motion Sensor can be set to work on any other device. If there is a sudden movement at the midnight, you will be able to set the lights to turn on automatically.

Warranty for smart objects

All the devices you purchase from Samsung are entitled for one year period and you will be able to get a battery, accessories, and the device when there is an error related to the parts as described. They are not making any refunds after you made the purchase. If there is any related with the device you have purchased, you will have to return it to an authorized dealer in the area and follow the instructions. Even if you did the purchase online, you have all the subscriptions and the warranty for the device and the accessories.

Kaspersky 2020


Every PC user must have an anti-virus or an internet guard whatever the reason he is using that computer for. Safety for your computer has been needed at present than ever. Though there are lots of virus guards in the market, only few brands are called the best. Kaspersky has been a name for the computer users to keep their computer away from the viruses. Kaspersky has been assisting their customers not only through the desktop versions but with their android and the tablet versions as well. It is really necessary to keep the guard updated with the minor updates and the upgrades that the Kaspersky Company issues yearly. They had their latest version launched in 2019 and here are some significant factors about their virus guard.

Kaspersky has always been coming with a very friendly interface that is very easy to understand. They gather very few options to go through in their panel. There are some options like parental lock, database update, scan, and password like options in the panel which is very easy to manage. Next, there is the most impressive option, Scan. You can scan each and every thing in your computer and you mal scan a selected partition or a folder also. There is an option called protected view. You are informed by the browser if there is anything going on to charge any sum from you. You have the authority to selectively provide the web sites as well. This will be a quite good option if you are wasting your money along the web surfing. Kaspersky Parental Control lets you to monitor and control the websites that your kids can browse and it wil be a big relief to you if there is not anything safe from the governmental regulations. The CPU and the Memory Use option lets you to see if there is any application that consumes your memory too much and that option is in a higher standard than a third party app.

KM Player for any Video


There were not lots of entertaining sources in the past and there were not any special sources to feel theme either. Then there were so many ways to get the entertainment and people needed something better than MP3s or Audio files. Then came some special Medias. Home movies, blu-rays, music videos, and videos came in different versions as well. So, there were not lots of ways to watch those videos and there were not so many software developers to develop such software either. Even at present, there are only very apps that can be used to watch videos. KM player has always been the leader in computers in watching videos.

There are some coolest things in this app and you will be really happy to see the list of advantages. KM player has a large variety of codecs and there is a big list of supported file formats for this app. whatever the file you want to watch, it is possible with this player. Even if it is a photo, KM player has facilitated to watch that photo through this app.  If you are watching movies, this will be the perfect app you are looking for. Even though you are watching a movie in a foreign country, you are let to add the subtitle and you don’t have to worry if this player supports not only the subtitle’s language, but also subtitle’s file format. You have got a good customization range for the subtitle as well. You may decide if you want to appear the subtitle on the bottom or the top as well.

KM player provides you a large range of options. You can manage the settings from playing to the color of the KM player’s font. There are lots of preferences to be applied to the player. There are applications to 3D movies as well. I f you are looking for this app in the app store, or the play store for your mobile. You will find it in the highest rated category.

The Battle Over Google-Oracle Patent and How to Win It


The Secret to Google-Oracle Patent

Patents are the preferred kind of protection for the majority of inventors and entrepreneurs. More patents and entrepreneurs trying to market their products is indicative that there’s more competition for successful placement. Otherwise the patent will expire if the yearly fee isn’t turned in in time. Finally, it includes the potential for biometric spending. If you’re going to do your own searching and find relevant patents you are likely to need to learn some strategies, if you’re likely to do your very own preliminary patent searching you’ll want to look at our Patent Search Service. For the uninitiated, a standard-essential patent is one which covers an invention that has to be utilised to abide by a technical standard. In truth, it’s here where you will find many patents from some other portions of the planet also.

Five lawyers billed most of the hours. The patent lawyer will narrate the distinctive elements of your invention. The Provisional Patent filing is essentially a letter that’s set on file with the USPTO. Hence, ensure you’ve got an entire disclosure of the whole invention within the description of the application.

If you don’t add material’ information you’ll be able to get in trouble. To summarize, it is not only about clearly personal identifiable information like postal addresses of consumers. So, it is a relatively new patent data resource. The patent information will incorporate the state of the law once the patent right was registered. The patent information in addition to brief press releases can grant insight, although it’s limited. Please be aware that no additional charges apply to accessing or downloading documents of any sort. To the contrary, it’s not a dead letter.

The aim of DD is, thus, to guarantee thebusiness you’ve created is investible from a hygienestandpoint. In the event the third party business is located outside of the EU (and Slack is based in San Francisco, US), you have to check whether it’s possible to work with them. For a case with such potentially fantastic influence on the tech business, it can be challenging to follow along with. The business is involved in the maturation and manufacturing of 3D Printers, and associated materials and solutions. It is based in Germany. The businesses must submit the info by noon on 17 August. If you’re a growthstage company, things are extremelydifferent.

Facts, Fiction and Google-Oracle Patent

US Patent Agents can’t go to court for that you will need a special sort of attorney, referred to as a litigator in order that they focus entirely on helping their customers get patents. The patent office will put forward several evidences to attempt to show your invention isn’t new and that it shouldn’t be granted. A regional patent office, on the flip side, refers to a patent office that’s jointly formed by numerous distinct countries within a specific geographical location. Google’s BigQuery data warehouse is among the more interesting capabilities inside their cloud offering and as soon as it’s combined with their public datasets it is sometimes a highly effective platform for some quite efficient patent research.

Top Choices of GPS


Proceed to a location for which you would like the GPS coordinates. Have a look at the base of the screen where you will observe the GPS coordinates. To begin with, decide what you will use the GPS for.

The Hidden Secret of GPS

Because of the AI involved, the GPS tracker provides you regular nudges on how to generate your driving more efficient. The GPS trackers for vehicles are typically very small, making them simple to go under the vehicle or within a place that nobody will notice especially if that’s your company driver or your teenage kid. Also portable GPS trackers for vehicles are a breeze to install and come with a range of added accessories like waterproof instances, micro USB cables etc..

GPS – the Conspiracy

When a gadget is utilised to track an object or a particular individual, theGPS tracking devices for vehiclesoperate by means of a motion sensor. Even if it is installed inside the laptop, if it is on a com port it does not work. Once it is placed on the target, its location can be tracked to give you a clear display of individual street levels. If you’re going to use a GPS tracking device, I would strongly look at contacting legal counsel to acquire an opinion on the issue. GPS Vehicle tracking device also permits the fleet managers to view how their employees drive on the street. Now, the tracking device delivers detailed info on the driving history of the vehicle and drivers are saved from the strain. The great thing about a passive tracking device is that there’s no monthly fee, which makes it a more economical alternative.

If unsure, check with the seller before you purchase a tracker. There are a number of trackers accessible to suit your company requirements. Therefore, choosing not only a GPS tracker but the very best GPS tracker for your car is more than a luxury nowadays. GPS vehicle trackers are the ideal way to continue to keep your vehicles and your nearest and dearest safe. Among the ideal vehicle GPS trackers on the market today boasts quite a few handy capabilities.

To be able to work properly, just like any satellite technology, the device needs a crystal clear view of the sky. It is portable, easy to use and also easy to personalize. GPS handheld devices provide an assortment of features which you’ll discover helpful. Most handheld GPS devices will offer you a location from simple menu selection also.

The Cartesian systems of unique datums aren’t equivalent. So, while shopping for GPS tracking devices for vehicles, it is crucial to know that a few of the most innovative systems come at a greater price. Whatever the case, the international positioning system proved to be a collaborative work and ought to be considered such. You would like a system which allows you to upgrade the maps so that you always have the option to access new roads or developments. The GPS system uses the geographical lines of latitude and longitude to provide coordinates for an individual’s location or an area of interest. An active GPS tracking process is extremely useful your personal or company vehicles so that it is possible to track the precise location of your relatives or employees when they’re traveling without you.

The GPS Stories

A GPS system can help out with locating a destination that much simpler than locating someone that’s able or prepared to give directions. Last, boat GPS systems have a particular feature referred to as a chart plotter. With us you get premium excellent vehicle tracking system and second to none technical support so that you may rely on us to be on hand when you require it most.